Wednesday, September 14, 2016

When individuals look at this poster, they automatically think of them as the superheros who we know and love. But are they really? According to McCloud Concept 3: Icon, they are icons or representations of what or who we are thinking of. None of these are actually superman or batman, it is a picture of superman or batman. They aren't tangible as the real superhero would be. They each stand for something. Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Superwoman, The Flash and many more are represented.

Another concept would be Concept 4: The Universality of Cartoon Imagery or Concept 5: Realism vs. Abstraction. Each of these photos are characteristics and have certain features within them. We no longer identify with them because we don't see ourselves in the photos, we see someone else. They are beyond our ability to project our identity upon it because we can't identify with them, unless you are a superhero or something. They have distinguishing features that makes them another person or 'Superhero' like.

The last concept would be Concept 11: Color in comics is fixed with symbolic and iconic meaning of its own. When looking at the picture above, we attribute all the certain color combinations with the given superhero. Red, Blue and Yellow? Superman. Black and Yellow? Batman. Or the Steelers for you football fans out there. Either way, we attribute color combinations with objects or people. The colors can also evoke emotion. When we see red, we can think of love or anger. Yellow is supposed to make people happy while Black makes people sad. Colors play a significant part in our world today. We connect them to other things all the time and don't realize we are doing it.

It's rather interesting how we as people attribute so many different colors, icon and images to other things. We do it without even realizing we are. Red means stop, yellow means slow down and green means go. We've become so accustomed to recognizing colors and having them mean something that has become a part of our everyday lives'.


  1. I like your comment when you said we don't think of ourselves when we look at these superheroes, we see someone else. When I think of Superman, I only think of Superman. I also talked a little about the colors in my blog also. It's crazy that we can associate colors with superheroes or how we are feeling. I love Marvel and DC, but I never realized the bigger picture with all of that and how a simple color can remind you of a certain superhero or a certain emotion.

  2. I find concept 11 interesting. Not often do I look at something and think of the color, yet color is how we recognize things. I liked your example of the traffic lights. We don't go when we see a red light or stop when we see a green light.