Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey y'all! My name is Morgan Sowers, I'm 22 and a senior here at Ship. I'm studying social work and hoping to either work in the military field or domestic violence. I took this class because it met one the requirements I still needed and it seemed like an interesting class. I have very little experience with reading comics/graphics manga, unless reading the comic section of the newspaper once in a while counts for anything. I tried to read a graphic narrative before, but was rather confused because it was the books that go from right to left, not left to right and I couldn't understand it. I've never watched anime and I have no idea about familiar novels either. As for video games, if Mario Party, PacMan and GTA count for anything. If they don't count, then, no. I haven't. Throughout high school, anyone who read graphic novels or manga, were often put into the 'nerdy' or 'weird' group. Several of them would walk around dressed like the characters or read them whenever they got the chance. They often distanced themselves from those who didn't read them and primarily stuck with those who did. I wouldn't consider myself a reader of the texts, due to the fact that I really haven't read them. I'm curious to learn about why they are such a big fandom and how to read them. I hope to walk away from this class with a new perspective on the books and actually be able to read them.

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  1. I really like this post because I have the same poster, and I did not see it through these concepts until she brought them to my attention. Great job.