Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quotes from G. Willow Wilson's TED Talk:

1. 'You can't do that, you would have to hire an intern just to open all the hate mail.'

2. 'I wanted to create a hero from a background that is often misunderstood...for a generation that is often misunderstood.'

3. 'Sometimes a mess, stays a mess. There is not always a way out, but there's always a way forward.'

Quotes from 'Ms. Marvel, Spider-Gwen and the Ongoing War Against Sexism in Comics.'

1. ' have to make their waists so small they can't hold internal organs. You have to TAKE AWAY all of their muscles! NONE of them should look like they weigh over one hundred thirty pounds. (And that's fucking generous.).....Also they should be posed SUBMISSIVELY and VULNERABLY, that means they shouldn't be looking at the audience saying 'fuck you', they have to say 'fuck me'.

2. 'So yeah, I want to see ANATOMICALLY INCORRECT, SKINNY, UNDERWEIGHT, VULNERABLY POSED men who's image says nothing more than 'please bend me over and fuck me hard, I'm a powerless sex object only here to compliment your ego.'

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